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July 30, 2019


We’re excited to announce the newest addition to the BA Women line up—our weekly “Reclaiming the Rant” blog-lette! In this weekly blog series email, we’ll be taking on gendered issues including the plague of man-spreaders, the use of semantics to discredit and diminish women (think words like “hysterical” or “emotional”), and other struggles women face each day of the week. But it’s not all bad, sometimes we’ll talk about women’s friendship, how we live our values, and other (happier) topics. Tune in with us each week for camaraderie in the femme experience as we “reclaim the rant”. 

So why do we think it’s important for us to reclaim the word “rant”? Reclaiming in general has been an important tool to the healing process of many disenfranchised communities in the last 25 years. One example is how some LGBTQ+ communities now use the word “queer” as a prideful representation of their identity, in contrast to the originally derogatory meaning of the term. 

But is the word “rant” derogatory and do we really need to reclaim it? In short, yes. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a rant as “a bombastic, extravagant speech.” In other words, it’s a highly subjective manner of speech with a generally negative connotation.

Each week another example of an “unstable woman” ranting pops up in the national news. But the problem is, she’s rarely actually ranting. Instead, confident women secure in their opinions and capable in expressing them passionately are dismissed as overly emotional, dramatic, and erratic. If you google the word “rant” in the news, two populations consistently appear: women and President Trump (we’re not kidding—you can check).

If you just google the word “rant”, the Wikipedia entry below populates. Look at the image. Do we really need to say more? 

P.S. Watch your inbox for more Reclaiming the Rant, coming at you weekly!





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