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December 10, 2019

Each week a BA Woman contributes to our BA Women's Words—a bloglette posted on Friday mornings where we tackle gendered issues to advance the educational, personal, and professional development of women who seek to make a difference in the world. 

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"Women's words matter because without them, you have an incomplete story."

Marita Golden shared this, and her story, at last week's Breaking Barriers event. And as she did, memories from my own life spun through my head, and in each of them, the scenes played out in slow motion and on mute. The time I raised my hand in class, but wasn’t called on (so I stopped raising my hand). The time I shared a new idea at work, but my male colleague got the credit (and the promotion).

And then, a moment of clarity and a call to courage. Looking around the room filled with BA women and men, I knew I was not alone. This wasn’t just my story. It was our story.

So, next time, when another woman raises her hand, and she’s not called on, I’ll call it out (and keep raising my hand, too, or just grab the mic!). When a colleague shares an idea and is ignored, I’ll repeat her idea and give her credit (or start my own company, so I’m the boss picking the good ideas and giving out promotions).

And on the days when I doubt myself, doubt my voice, I’ll remind myself: I am braver than I believe, stronger than I know, and absolutely not alone. I’m in a crowd of bold, brave BA women and men, whose voices, together, are stronger than any one voice alone.

A BA Woman

A BA Woman is a member of our community who has a perspective to share, ideas to spread, and words worth hearing. She's tenacious, compassionate, and lifts as she climbs. She's totally BA. She could be anyone—her words are relatable because she gets us like no one else.

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