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February 12, 2020

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With Galentine’s day (the February 13th holiday for celebrating the love you have for your lady friends) having come and gone, I’ve been thinking about the concept of sisterhood in my life. But here’s the thing: I’m an only child. And I used to have night terrors that my parents had another child. I wanted to be the center of the world. But then, the unexpected happened. One day on the playground in fourth grade, I met the Morris sisters. They had their own language. Literally. Twinspeak.

One Morris sister had an infectious sense of humor and the other the magic ability to name every flavor of Pringle by taste alone. We became fast friends. They became my go-to for sleepovers on Friday nights, helped me study for (and pass!) countless exams. They were also the women by my side when personal tragedies, including the passing of a parent, left me breathless.

We grew up together and formed what is, for me, a bond of sisterhood. Much to my younger self’s surprise, I learned sisters are damn cool. Complicated, but cool.

I’m lucky to have found women, like the Morris sisters, who have become my chosen sisters. Bound by common values and a fierce love for each other, I am (today and always) unendingly grateful for my chosen sisterhood of BA women. The ones who helped to give me bangs after a bad breakup, make me snort with laughter like when we were kids again, and who helped an only child discover the meaning of sisterhood.

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