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December 3, 2019

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I’ve had gratitude on my mind this week. And, yesterday, in a wholehearted moment of thanks-giving, I spilled gravy all over my shirt. This was not the “oh, this will come right out, no big deal because my sweater is black, and is machine washable anyhow” kind of spill. It was the “this is irreparable. And seltzer seems to be making it worse. And I borrowed this shirt from my best friend. Without asking.” kind of spill.

But, wouldn’t you know, my aunt, laughing at my folly and panic, proceeded to spill HER red wine all over the pristine white tablecloth.

My first thought? “Sweet revenge! Serves her right for laughing at me." But then, I started laughing, too. In that moment, I realized: we all spill. In the laughter, I felt deeply connected to my aunt. All the rest of it (our disagreements on everything from politics to the proper way to eat pie: a la mode vs. plain) faded away. I felt gratitude for family (even when we disagree) and for friends (even when they borrow our stuff without asking). I was thankful for laughter, connection, and imperfection.

Cultivating my gratitude for stain remover,

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