January 29, 2020

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Havana, Machu Picchu, Capetown.

Alaska, the Grand Canyon.


My travel bucket list is long. And my wanderlust approaches a fever state as we crawl through winter. In January and February, it’s cold and worse yet, the sun usually sets before I can leave my office. And so, there’s a striking inverse correlation between the amount of daylight hours and my google search terms related to “best hiking destinations” or “cheap flights to beach towns.”

And in the moments between my browser loading, I’m reminded that my mentor-I-never-knew-but-think-about-all-the-time, B.A. Rudolph, saved for the travel she planned to take in retirement but never got to enjoy.

So, I pinch my pennies. I skip lunch with friends (or just order the soup). I keep that second job, though sometimes it’s exhausting. And I save. Not for the trip I might go on one day, but for the trip I’m booking right now. Yes, we all need to save more for retirement (the wage gap is real and pernicious), but life is short. Sometimes cut much, much too short.

So while I’m saving for one day, I’m also booking my flights today.

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