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August 30, 2019

Each week a BA Woman contributes to our BA Women's Words—a bloglette posted on Friday mornings where we tackle gendered issues to advance the educational, personal, and professional development of women who seek to make a difference in the world. 

Read on for EmpowHERing words by confident women living dynamic, complex lives. Have something to explore, share, declare, or celebrate with us?
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Talyce just finished up her summer with EmpowHER, interning in DC to reduce the foster care wait list. Now she's back on campus at Michigan State earning her B.A. in Comparative Cultures & Politics, with a Masters in Social Work to follow.

And there's more: Talyce was also just elected as Chair of the Human Relations Commission in East Lansing. You read that right: fresh off an internship, and working on her degree, Talyce is also the newly-elected head of the Commission to "protect and defend the human rights and dignity of all in the community." That's no small thing. That's a Big Thing.

That's what we do as BA women: We step into leadership. We command authority. We say what we mean. And we do more than talk; we do the work.

So, today, let's celebrate Talyce—and all the BA women out there who are doing the work (even, or especially, when it's hard).

Getting back to the good work now,

P.S. Oh... and while Talyce is busy fighting for equity, she also knows when to put herself first. She just texted to share she'll be exercising some self care this weekend. #LeadershipThatLasts!

A BA Woman

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