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November 6, 2019

Anna Foster, Communications Coordinator, The BA Women’s Alliance

BA Women's Alliance Expands Board of Directors and Announces Alumnae Council 


Washington, D.C.— The BA Women’s Alliance is thrilled to announce that, for the first time, it has expanded its Board of Directors and established an Alumnae Council

When the BA Women’s Alliance was originally established from the trust of B.A. Rudolph in 2011, she selected her five goddaughters and close friends as the Board of Directors and Advisors. Today, the BA Women’s Alliance announces the appointment of 10 new members of its Board, as well as the full slate of officers and board members for 2020.

"All of our newest Board members embody the spirit of B.A. Rudolph and bring talent, varied expertise, and a diversity of voices to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to break barriers for women in Washington,”  shared Rebecca Cook Davis, outgoing board chair and cofounder of the BA Women’s Alliance. 


  • Maggie Moore, USAID - Co-founder, Chair 
  • Ashlee Peña, Thrivent Financial - Vice Chair
  • Alejandra “Lexii” Carrillo, Fulbright Scholar - Alumnae Council Liaison
  • Rebecca Cook Davis, California Cryobank - Co-founder, Member-at-Large
  • Dionne Galloway, Leadership for Educational Equity - Programs Officer 
  • Suzette Gardner, Family Values @ Work - Communications Officer 
  • Candice Gayl, Perdono LLC. - Fundraising Officer 
  • Angela Jones Hackley,  - Member-at-Large
  • Emily “Emmie” Mediate, American Flood Coalition - Finance Officer 
  • Meredith Moore, Washington International School - Co-founder, Member-at-Large
  • Jennifer Osias, Indivisible - Member-at-Large
  • Madeline Palmieri, New York University - Member-at-Large
  • Astrid Quiñones, Ayuda - Legal Officer 
  • Ivonne Ramirez-DeBlois, Mount Holyoke College - Academia Officer  

The BA Women’s Alliance is also honored to introduce you to its newly-formed Alumnae Council: a committee (including alumnae from every year of the alliance’s programming!) that reports to the Board of Directors and consults with staff to improve the alumnae experience, expand EmpowHER programming and recruitment, and advance the organization in a variety of other areas.


  • Marie Vastola, BA Woman 2015 - Co-Chair and President
  • Alejandra “Lexii” Carrillo, BA Woman 2014 - Co-Chair and Board of Directors Liaison
  • Yeabsira Asrat, BA Woman 2018 - EmpowHER Recruitment
  • Amber Bynum, BA Woman 2019 - Member-at-Large
  • Kelsie Cox, BA Woman 2012 - Member-at-Large
  • Austyn Holleman, BA Woman 2018 - EmpowHER Programming 
  • Jessica McDonald, BA Woman 2016 - Alumnae Programming 
  • Casey Richards, BA Woman 2013 - Application Review Committee Liaison
  • Priya Shukla, BA Woman 2017 - Fundraising 
  • Ella Vanderbilt-Fried, BA Woman 2019 - Communications 
  • Michelle Walls, BA Woman 2018 - Member-at-Large

BA Women's Alliance

The BA Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which supports the educational, personal, and professional development of women who seek to make a difference in the world.

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