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July 7, 2019


Earlier this year, we announced an update and refresh of our signature summer scholarships by introducing the world to EmpowHER: A BA Women Initiative. Our revamped initiative brings progressive women from all over the country together in Washington, D.C., so that as they launch their careers with internships in public service, they also gain professional development skills through our curated calendar of workshops. Our 2019 pilot cohort is our largest yet—as we welcomed a total of 41 women into our BA sisterhood this year. 

While it’s hard to believe, we’re already halfway through our inaugural year of EmpowHER and we’re so excited to tell you all about it! We’ve accomplished a lot in five weeks, including (but not limited to!): three professional development workshops and three social outings, headshots & business cards for the entire cohort, LinkedIn & Resume reviews, sexual harassment in the workplace training, and a shared fundraising campaign. 

We kicked off the summer on June 3rd, with our first ever in-person, full-day Orientation for EmpowHER participants. Over the course of the day, we introduced our EmpowHER'ed women to key insights on topics including Professionalism, Mentorship, Networking, and Self-Advocacy, among others. We also invited our DC-area BA alumnae to host field-specific round tables and answer our newly minted “BA Women’s” questions at lunch. 

Following our day-long Orientation, we hosted our annual “Welcome BBQ” for participants, where they mingled with our BA network of men and women, enjoyed Hill Country BBQ, and participated in a VIP reception with the Honorable Sen. Blanche Lincoln. 

In the weeks since, we’ve partnered with the Woman’s National Democratic Club to host weekly professional development programming in the historic home of the suffragette movement. With the help of our friends at ProInspire, Akoma Counseling Concepts, and Happy Work Week, we’ve invited our women to learn skills revolving around: 

  • Mental Health and Self Care 
  • Building your Network and Networking 
  • Managing Up and Influencing Others 
  • Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

We’ve also enjoyed more socially-driven events, including the Capital Pride Parade, watching the Women’s World Cup, enjoying the Drum Circle in Malcolm X Park, and meeting & mingling our group of 2019 host organization supervisors. Each of these events serve to cultivate our sisterhood—a family of women who support each other and encourage the mutual development of untapped potential.  

In the EmpowHER program, we don’t need to imagine what creating change with other BA Women in a dynamic environment would feel like, we’re living it. And we’re not doing it alone. We’ve surrounded by a network of uplifting, inspiring women destined to make a change in the world. Our BA Women have a passion for change and the drive to go out and make it happen. Through EmpowHER, and our sisterhood of BA women, we’re unstoppable. 


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The BA Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which supports the educational, personal, and professional development of women who seek to make a difference in the world.

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