The EmpowHER Credential

Issued by the BA Women's Alliance

The EmpowHER Credential is awarded to individuals who identify as women, female, nonbinary, and/or gender nonconforming and have successfully completed EmpowHER: A BA Women's Initiative. EmpowHER is a Washington, D.C.-based program focused on shattering limitations and propelling collegiate women toward a successful future. EmpowHER provides participants with the support to grow as a person and a professional, helping members of each cohort to become the most courageous version of themselves, alongside other women who are on this same journey.

As a participant in EmpowHER, cohort members are supported by a framework that’s designed to spark meaningful career advancement, develop leadership skills, and build connections to a wider community of BA Women.

This credential can only be awarded once and does not expire.

Requirements Fulfilled

Recipients of the EmpowHER Credential have completed an intensive 6-week spring and 8-week summer program (for a total of 14 weeks of curriculum), and, for those who opt in, completed at least 8 weeks of experiential learning in the field of their interest.

Modules covered in our rigorous spring e-curriculum focus on developing technical skills to prepare participants for joining the workforce and can include topics such as Resume and Cover Letter Writing; Online and Personal Branding; Acing the Interview; Beyond 'Professionalism': Succeeding in the Workplace, Excelling in Virtual Environments, and Challenging Bias; and Networking 101.

The summer component of the EmpowHER Initiative revolves around the courageous leadership concepts established by Dr. Brené Brown and her Dare to Lead™ curriculum, such as Living into your Values and Learning to Rise. In addition to weekly sessions dedicated to this content, earners of the EmpowHER Credential also attend a variety of networking and professional development events to practice their skills. 

The EmpowHER Credential is compatible with and can be displayed on LinkedIn profiles.

Additional Information

For more information on the EmpowHER Initiative, visit the microsite here.